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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder, Platinum

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder, Platinum

  • Removable grinding chamber for easy filling and dishwasher cleanup
  • Great for coffee and spices
  • Hands-free grinding- Refer manual and use and care guide for any assistance.
  • Precise cup & fineness settings for perfect results
  • Hidden cord storage

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder, Platinum

Different types of coffees require different kinds of grounds. Fine grounds are best for espresso, course are best for French Press, and automatic drip coffemakers use grounds somewhere in the middle. The Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder takes the guess work out of it for you with specific settings to ensure the perfect grind every time.
The Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder has five preset grind settings ranging from coarse to fine. It also has a cup selector switch so you can program in the number of cups you plan to make. Once selections have been made, simply press the ON button and begin grinding. The unit shuts off automatically once your grounds are ready.
Since the grinding chamber is removable, it’s a breeze to clean up. Let the Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder help you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with fresh ground beans every time.

  • Hands free - press button and let go - shuts off automatically
  • Quieter than the leading competitor
  • Removable grinding chamber for easy filling and dishwasher cleanup
  • Precise cup & fineness settings
  • Hidden cord storage

Add a Little Spice

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder can do more than just grind coffee beans. It is ideal for grinding spices too. Cinnamon sticks and whole cloves are just the beginning. Built with durable stainless steel blades, this grinder is also great for peppercorns, flax seeds and coriander seeds.

Five preset grind settings ranging from coarse to fine

Percolator Setting:
Course grind for French Press or for use in a Percolator.
Medium grind for automatic drip coffee makers.

Fine grind for steam or pump espresso machines.

Cord Storage
Finding a place for you grinder is simple thanks to the special hide-away cord storage feature. When finished, simply pull the bottom storage area out, wrap the cord around the center post, and return the cover to the base. This keeps the unit compact and easy to store.
The perfect grind, every time.
Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinders are ideal for precision coffee grinding, giving you the exact texture you want every time. The well-defined fineness settings guarantee perfect results when you grind and the clear cup markings ensure meticulous measuring.

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Understanding The Types Of Coffee Grinders

The first step in creating incomparable coffee in your home of office is to grind the coffee beans yourself. Freshly ground coffee has had less of a chance to oxidize, and thus the flavor is preserved. If you've walked past a busy coffee shop, you'll notice the strong aroma of freshly ground and prepared coffee. Nothing beats it, and this freshness contributes to the flavor of the final cup.
Finding a coffee grinder that will prepare the quality beverage you're after is another matter though. It helps to understand the different types of grinders available, as they produce quite varying qualities of brewed coffee.
There are three ways to grind coffee. Blade grinders, which chop up the coffee beans, are the most common in home coffee grinders. They have advantages in that they are longer lasting, and quite cheap to buy compared with other grinder methods. But this trade-off is apparent in the type of ground coffee they produce.

One of the key principles in producing quality coffee grinds is that the size of the grind is even. Unfortunately, blade grinders don't perform well here. They produce both large and small particles of coffee, as well as a type of 'coffee dust' that can clog up sieves in French presses and espresso machines. The coffee they produce is generally poorer in quality because the lack of uniform particle size means that the brewing method selected is unable to work optimally. Some of the coffee beans will be perfect for it, and thus the full flavor will be extracted, but a lot of it won't, as the beans are too large or small.
Whilst the effect of coffee grind particles that are too large may seem obvious, in that flavor is left in the ground, a grind that is too fine will also contribute to poor coffee. Bitter coffee results when the surface area has been exposed to hot water for too long.
By far the best method for most types of coffee is the burr grinder. These grinders are used in coffee shops, and they produce a very even grind. There is a range of settings that can be used, so that espresso, French press, drip coffee, and percolators can be used to make the final cup. Burr grinders have another advantage in that there is less heat to change the taste of the coffee bean. Blade grinders tend to produce more heat.

The third way of grinding coffee is particular to making Turkish coffee. A very finely ground coffee is needed, and only very good quality burr grinders are able to do this. The alternative is the old fashioned mortar and pestle!
The best type of coffee grinder is the conical burr grinder, but these are also the most expensive. What is best for an individual's needs will depend on how much they love their coffee, and their budget.

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By Rebecca Prescott

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